What do you know about website designing

30 May

There are various kinds of websites and therefore there are various kinds of Website design and Website Development as well. The designing is based on the visual appearance and the function of the site and on the basis of this, not only is the creation done but also the classification as well. The site should be categorised based on various factors :

Website design can be categorized on the basis of abstract groupings where the document centered sites provide information to users but there is limited interactivity. These allow interaction with the information or when tasks are to be accomplished for example buying on an online site or interacting with the bank account.

The Website design can be categorized based on the kind of sites they are. For example there are informational sites which provide information based on the site.

There are transactional sites where tasks or transactions are performed. These are for mainly ecommerce sites.

There are community sites where there is transaction related facilities or even information which is provided. The focus in these sites is on the visitor’s interaction with the site. These are usually meant for like minded people.

There are entertainment sites where these are used to play games or for some amusement.

There are other sites which do not fall in these categories. These are experimental sites or artistic sites as well as personal web spaces and web logs and other sites where there are web conventions which are either not followed or where these are not well defined.

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